Auctions By Blair 

Auctioneer, Performance and Event Host 

Why Us

With Auctions By Blair, we are focused on providing the best auction experience for both the organization and buyer. The investment in a professional auctioneer ensures added revenue for your cause.  By creating a connected, entertaining, fast paced environment we keep your auction moving and the momentum high. 
Jonathan is also as a certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialist, a professional designation awarded by the NAA Education Institute designed to teach professional auctioneers the planning techniques that create successful benefit auctions. BAS auctioneers are trained in  marketing skills and create a business strategy to increase revenue for non-profits.

With a variety of ways to benefit your event, we are confident we can find a way to partner together. Contact us to talk about your event and needs.

Who We Are

Jonathan's unique experience in adopting a sibling set through foster care gives him a profound understanding that fundraising events aren't just about an organization, but also about the lives they affect. With over 12 years of auction experience  coupled with his entertainment background, he is the perfect addition to your next event.